The Tree Swing Company

Classic Swings

Traditional & Fun

Monkey Swings

Elegant & Adventurous

Rope Swings

Handsome & Wild

Beautiful objects

Well proportioned and available in a range of sizes to suit any garden, parkland or woods. Call 07796950153 for prices and details.

Bespoke sizes available.

Fine materials & made to last

Luxurious Iroko Wood

Iroko ages from a gorgeous fresh-cut yellow to a rich copper brown. Perfect for outdoor life, iroko requires no oil or varnish.

Hardy and beautiful enough to have overtaken teak as the top choice for the decks of high-end yachts.

Thick Soft-Touch Ropes

Natural looking and delightful to hold. This poly-hemp rope will not shrink, swell or rot when it gets wet, unlike natural fibres.

It has a break load of over 2000kg.

"Nothing beats the timeless, unplugged adventure of a proper tree swing"